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Our Story

My name is Juliana Blois, owner of The Creative Mix Shop.

At the intersection of motherhood and creativity, I am a mom to two young girls who has found a passion for sensory play.

What began as a way to keep my girls engaged during the pandemic has now blossomed into a full-time business.

Crafting sensory bin mixes has not only kept me creatively fulfilled, but it also enables me to stay at home and raise my daughters.

I'm proud to say that we’ve sold thousands of sensory bin mixes since starting this journey.

I hope that you find something here that sparks your little ones imagination.

Our Vision

At The Creative Mix Shop, we envision a world where every child's imagination is nurtured and their playtime is filled with wonder and joy.

We strive to provide a diverse range of high-quality sensory mixes that inspire creativity, encourage learning, and promote positive values.

Through our carefully curated selection of engaging materials, we aim to create magical experiences that spark imagination, learning, and ignite the endless possibilities of play.

Our Mission

Is to inspire creativity, curiosity, and learning through the power of sensory play. We believe that children deserve meaningful, hands-on experiences that engage their senses and spark their imaginations.

Through our carefully curated sensory mixes, we aim to provide children with endless opportunities for exploration, discovery, and growth. Each mix is thoughtfully designed to offer a multisensory experience, incorporating various textures, colours and sounds.

We are committed to creating high-quality sensory mixes that are safe and durable. We believe that sensory play is more than just fun – it is an essential part of a child's development.

So join us, on this sensory-filled journey as we empower children to learn, grow, and create through hands-on play!

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